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Lisa Christensen's Living with Purpose Talk Discusses Wellness

 - Oct 27, 2013
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In her motivational living with purpose talk, Lisa Christensen explains how following one's passion can make the world a better place. The social entrepreneur is passionate about water and wellness, and discusses some of the actions she took regarding these issues. In 2012 the Hong Kong Cleanup, an initiative to pick up garbage near Hong Kong beaches and around the world, had 39,000 volunteers locally and 561,633 world wide. They collected 105,507 kilograms of trash locally and 5 million kilograms internationally.

Christensen believes in educating others and raising awareness about things people can do at home to reduce pollution. She also started an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to green living. Towards the end of her living with purpose talk, Christensen shares her personal ABCs, which include daily practices like meditation, nutrition, visualization and yoga. She encourages the audience to develop their own ABCs and to think about their own passions. When everyone turns their ideas into reality, the world will be a better place.