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Scott Sambucci's Speech About Sales Discusses a Changing Landscape

 - Oct 22, 2014
In his speech about sales, Scott Sambucci talks about a shift in the sales environment. The speaker makes the point the sales profession has been cast in a negative light over the years, but these days are over; the profession has fundamentally changed.

He uses his own experience to demonstrate this concept. He started out selling books and noted how technology changed everything -- mainly in that it broadened the breadth of information salespeople need to do their jobs. He observed it's not just about a product, but its implementation. The speech about sales argues selling is not just about telling a story or giving a pitch, but getting customers to tell you their story. According to Sambucci, the sale is about building that framework in which clients pour their story and content into you so you can identify where there's a possible need for your product or solution.

The speech about sales also uses the number of job titles salespeople now have (like sales engineers, for example) to make his point.