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Regis Lemmen's Sales Rebirth Talk Examines a Fundamental Shift

 - Oct 21, 2014
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In his sales rebirth talk, Regis Lemmens examines the future of the sales industry.

Lemmens disagrees that the Internet will kill sales; rather, he envisions that, in the future, organizations will be able to transform the typical sales approach into a highly valued service that people will actually pay for. In other words, customers won't feel like customers and salespeople won't feel like salespeople, because the exchange itself will be so valuable to both parties.

Currently, sales is based on the principals of targeting, persuading and promising. Lemmens suggests that the future of sales will move away from conventional "selling," based on these aforementioned principals, to co-creating. The role of the salesperson is no longer to convince someone of the benefit of a product or service, but to facilitate a brainstorm. Lemmens proposes that we use clients as suppliers of competency, thereby fostering an ecosystem of value. Ultimately, the future of sales uses a collaborative approach to achieve the delivery of the promise.