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Jim Cathcart Delivers an Effective Sales Pitching Keynote Speech

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: cathcart & youtube
In this effective sales pitching keynote speech by renowned keynote speaker and author Jim Cathcart, the importance of using personal anecdotes and making a connection with one's clients during sales talks is promoted.

The speaker tells the audience to treat all of their life experiences as though they are the source material for their future sales pitches. By approaching a negotiation as though it is a conversation rather than an attempt at persuading the other person to do something, more often than not, the interaction will be successful.

As explained by the speaker in his effective sales pitching keynote speech, people are more apt to respond positively and without resistance to a sales talk if they feel that they are making a connection with the other person and not being manipulated into doing or buying something.