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Duncan Fulton's Social Media Policy Keynote Explains Senior Resistance

 - Oct 19, 2012
References: canadiantire & youtu.be
This social media policy keynote from Duncan Fulton offers insight into why so many senior executives and CEOs in Canada's business world resist implementing online rules and strategies within their corporations. He then offers ways to frame social media to give it more appeal and transparency to these individuals.

Fulton explains how most CEOs today are men in their fifties, who are well-educated and very hard-working. They were born into a world where print and cinema were the only forms of media and then they ushered in the television. When the dot-com industry emerged, they were baffled at how young individuals were making billions in the matter of two or three years. Not only did they have a negative perception of this up and coming movement, they viewed it as non-traditional.

Fulton believes that the most effective strategy for getting these CEOs to understand the value of social media is to quantify it. By this he means that it needs to be demonstrated how social media can boost the brand's reputation among consumers. It is unlikely that they will ever grasp the nature of different platforms, but by explaining how online engagement can influence the image of a brand, CEOs will be more likely to understand why it is valuable.