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This Online Community Keynote by Matt Haughey Shares Valuable Tips

 - Jul 4, 2012
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Matt Haughey provides some lessons from running a community weblog in this online community keynote. As the founder of, a successful and vibrant online community that anyone can contribute a link to or comment on, Matt Haughey provides lessons he has learned over the years. Haughey notes that sometimes you need a social network for your non-friends, listing stories of advice given between online members.

Haughey also provides advice that speaks to both the online and offline communities, which is to listen to troublemakers. By not automatically kicking someone out, there is a possibility for inventiveness to happen. People have the ability to create the unexpected, going to places that they may have never even thought of. Haughey's lively examples on a diverse amount of topics found throughout his site show just how much a community can grow.