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Daniel Pink's Sales Keynote Looks at Sales in the 21st Century

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: danpink & youtube
Daniel Pink gives a very short but nonetheless informative sales keynote, that highlights his new ABCs of selling.

The old attitude of "Always Be Closing" has evolved, and the new ABCs of selling are "Attunement," "Buoyancy" and "Clarity." Attunement is understanding someone else's perspective. Power inhibits attunement, and if you are in a position of power, it is incumbent upon you to see yourself in the lower position of power; this will help you to view things from their perspective. Buoyancy is to prepare yourself for an encounter. Rather than telling yourself you can do something, you should instead ask yourself if you can do it. Questioning yourself forces a response, which is much more powerful than an affirmation. Lastly, clarity is making sense of the abundant amount of data that is out there, but more than that, clarity is finding and anticipating problems.

Daniel Pink's sales keynote applies to everyone, as he argues we are all salespeople of one kind or another now. Making his new ABC's of selling a valuable tool for all.