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Adam Galinsky's 'Speaking Up' Talk Aims to Give Power to Individuals

 - Dec 8, 2016
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The 'Speaking Up' talk given by business psychologist Adam Galinsky goes over how individuals can declare their opinions in professional and social settings, but with little risk.

The talk begins by acknowledging that it can be difficult for people on the low end of a power imbalance to voice their opinions and suggestions in situations where other people have more power. Galinsky describes ways in which people can break out of this pattern -- by advocating for others, signaling flexibility in their ideas, gaining support among peers, asking for people's advice and passionately displaying their expertise. The speaker brings up important takeaways about becoming more relatable and likable, while simultaneously exerting influence over others.

This keynote gives those who think they do not have a voice a stepping stone into gaining the confidence to voice their opinions and suggestions on matters in the workplace, at home or in social situations.