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Tanmay Dhall's Culture Speech Discusses Global Cultural Identity

 - Jul 23, 2015
In his culture speech, Tanmay Dhall discusses how food can serve as a metaphor for global citizenship.

The speaker explains the difference between multiculturalism and what it means to be a global citizen. He sees it as a chosen perspective and as a community of people who are emotionally and intellectually dedicated to the unity of all human beings. Global citizens also appreciate the differences that exist within this community, especially as it grows in both influence and size.

The culture speech notes that cultural identity is important, and shared values play a role. He talks about the models of assimilation and separation through the metaphors of soups and salads. He feels global citizenship best looks like a risotto, with different ingredients or cultures connected through a common sauce of global culture. This sauce is about exploration and the exchange of ideas. The speaker warns the ability to define a global agenda also comes with the responsibility to do it well.