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Joanne Kwok's Media Speech on Media Consumption Effects

 - Jun 26, 2015
In her media speech, Joanne Kwok discusses how media has the power to influence our thoughts, perspectives and ideas. The copywriter explains how the pervasiveness of smartphones, affordable data and social media make it easy for us to willingly access a variety of forms of media, but we are also being force fed. She asks what it is doing for us, versus to us.

According to the media speech, media can overpower us when we only consume junk, or what the speaker calls "media McDonalds." This happens especially among millennials, who are conditioned to consume bite-sized headlines and only pay attention to what interests them. This clearly poses a problem for educators. The age of 50 shades of gray and the death of the power to think for ourselves are other ways media overpowers us.

Whether media overpowers or empowers you is about what you feed yourself. The speaker suggests going healthy and knowing your own moral compass.