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Layli Miller-Muro's Ending Violence Talk Takes a Legal Perspective

 - Jul 25, 2014
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Growing up in the south inspired Layli Miller-Muro's interest in the justice system, an experience which she recounts in her ending violence talk. Her hyper-awareness of her own privilege and opportunity to influence change inspired her to pursue a career in law. During her time in law school, Miller-Muro worked on what was to become a very high-profile case concerning a woman who was fleeing a forced polyamorous marriage and female genital mutilation.

Despite the fact that staying in her situation would have resulted in inevitable violence and potential death, the woman was placed in an immigration detention center populated with convicted felons. Miller-Muro defended the woman in a case that eventually set a precedent for what we now refer to as gender-based persecution. Prior to this case, violent action that occurred to women based solely on the fact that they were women was not considered a basis for refugee status or asylum.

The case eventually propelled Miller-Muro to develop the Tahirih Justice Center, a practice that provides free legal services to immigrant women and girls attempting to use U.S. law to escape violence and seek justice.