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Jack Tretton Showcases the PlayStation 4 in His Sony PlayStation 4 Keynote

 - Jun 13, 2013
References: youtube
The technological advancements behind the Sony PlayStation 4 was the highlight in the Sony PlayStation 4 keynote discussed by President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America Jack Tretton.

In his Sony PlayStation 4 keynote, Tretton unveiled that the gaming console won’t impose restrictions on used games and will not require an online connection. The technological advancements such as game libraries and social inter-connectivity are just some of the new features of the PlayStation 4.

For individuals that own gaming consoles, the concept of restriction is a serious matter. It impedes on the general freedoms that most console owners practice. Companies are often dismissive when it comes to the concerns of its consumers, but the people behind Sony PlayStation were able to profit from prioritizing consumer concerns.