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Rebecca Mackinnon Talks Online Freedom in Her Internet Movement Speech

 - May 17, 2013
References: youtube
The purpose of technology is to provide a better form of living for people, but far too often, those same instruments are being used to block the progress of society as discussed by Rebecca MacKinnon in her Internet movement speech.

Nations enforce physical sovereignty over their countries, which often means that the physical freedoms of people are oppressed. On the Internet, those physical constrictions aren’t as strongly implemented unless private companies intervene. Whenever private companies enforce censorship among a populace, they act as a further extension of sovereignty of a nation. But privatized companies can also overlap sovereignty, resulting in an unrestricted form of freedom among people.

The Internet acts as a mediator between governments and citizens, but the nature of the Internet is to serve for the betterment of individuals and not for the betterment of a government.