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Eddie Obeng's Solutions Keynote Pushes for a New Way of Thinking

 - Oct 19, 2012
References: imagineafish.blogspot & youtu.be
Eddie Obeng is a business educator and his solutions keynote explores how the way that individuals think about and perceive the 21st century needs to change. Despite the fact that the size and scale of business has accelerated and increased -- now described as "global" -- full collaboration cannot fully occur because of the hierarchies still in place.

Within the last 40 years, the population doubled and more than half of those people moved to cities. The density of human interaction and exchange is amazing. This leads many to ask the question, "Why are we still not finding innovative and long-lasting solutions?" Obeng argues that it is because not enough people are taking the time to understand how the solutions to today's challenges will create the problems of the future.

His solutions keynote demonstrates how in today's world, there are no answers on which we can fully depend, because everything is constantly changing.