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Rahaf Harfoush's Future of Protest Keynote Shows the Power of Tech

 - Jul 10, 2012
References: rahafharfoush & youtu.be
The topic of discussion in this future of protest keynote by Rahaf Harfoush is how the advancement of modern technology has impacted protesting. Technology now has the ability to orchestrate protests and mass-mobilization in a completely new way. As the speaker explains, the world is witnessing a new generation of protesting and mass-mobilizing thanks to technology's rapid advancement and evolution.

Not only have the methods of organization transformed, but so have the causes driving people. Thanks to technology, an individual with very little power or influence can start something massive on the Internet on a blog or discussion board. This micro-influence can have monumental results, similar to ones generated by the likes of Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

Technology also has the power to provide positive alternatives to violence protesting. Individuals on the Internet can sign petitions, initiate fundraisers and implement positive change.