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Ivan Krastev's Democracy Crisis Keynote Shows Global Flaws

 - Aug 14, 2012
References: cls-sofia.org & youtu.be
World-renowned political scientist and theorist Ivan Krastev discusses the dark side of democratic governments in this democracy crisis keynote. He states at the beginning of his speech that his goal is not to provide a solution to the problem, but to give people reason to question democracy as the best type of government.

In the modern world, citizens of democratic countries continue to perceive democracy as the most suitable, fair and just form of government. Krastev points out, however, that over the last thirty years, political scientists witnessed a steady decline in electoral turnout. He explains how those who turn out to vote are the individuals who profit the most from winning.

Krastev's democracy crisis keynote, which is complete with insightful observations and interesting statistics, introduces the idea that democracy may no longer be the ideal form of government.