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Ronald Lewis' Political Government Keynote Confronts Controversial Issues

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: ronaldlewis & youtube
Ronald Lewis is an author, activist and speaker from Denver, Colorado, and his political government keynote summarizes how Americans can create change. Lewis confronts some of the most controversial issues currently facing the United States, focusing on government, money and politics.

Lewis explains how certain political issues have contributed to the growing debt in the United States, and he examines the solutions that can make a difference. The geniuses in society are the people that drive the human race forward, and they are the ones that will change the world. The direction of American politics must change to forge a new way forward.

This political government keynote describes how individuals must make a personal decision by stepping outside of one's boundaries to make a difference. Ronald Lewis experiments with new ideas to carve a new path for the future of the United States as it tries to overcome one of its most difficult times.