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This Alec Ross Keynote Rethinks American Foreign Policy

 - May 17, 2012
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In an engaging and honest Alec Ross keynote about the future of media in politics the speaker discusses the need to revamp American policies regarding overseas diplomacy.

The speaker is Hillary Clinton's acting Senior Advisor on Innovation and also co-founded the non-profit organization One Economy which focuses on bridging the digital divide. He implores these strategies into policy-making and urges Americans to reboot and re-imagine the relationship that they have with countries abroad.

His discussion of the 21st Century Statecraft hinges on connectedness and empowering versus overpowering. Rather than focusing on traditional models of government-to-government interaction that tends to become an exercise in power, he instead says that engaging the people in decision-making will harbor more effective results and create more long-lasting relationships with those overseas.