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Todd Buchholz Discusses Historical Examples of Entrepreneurs

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: toddbuchholz & youtube
Todd Buchholz is a senior professor at Harvard University who lectures on modern economics. Buchholz has written extensively, contributing several books to the business culture. He has a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the history of economics, pushing forward the opportunity for future innovations. His insight is engaging and relatable, as he utilizes narrative styles and light-hearted anecdotes.

Buchholz engages the audience with an anecdote of Amadeo Giannini, an original Italian banker based in San Francisco. Giannini stepped up during the Great Depression to distribute credit while the corporate bankers abandoned efforts to revitalize the economy. Giannini risked his own funding and personal safety to benefit the market and local economy. This risk-taking allowed for the company reputation to soar and outlast all debts. The major display of leadership is a motivating example of how taking risks can be highly beneficial.