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Robert Sutton Discusses Confidently Taking Action

 - Feb 28, 2012
References: bobsutton.typepad & youtube
Robert Sutton approach the science of management and organizational psychology in a very human way. He believes the emotional needs of employees must be recognized and actualized to run a truly successful business. Sutton has conducted in-depth research in the field of evidence-based management, experimenting with levels of connection, productivity and knowledge in business.

Referencing his book ''The Knowing-Doing Gap: How Smart Firms Turn Knowledge Into Action,' Sutton evaluate actions management teams can make to develop better levels of productivity. He delves into the details of these processes that can promote and encourage innovative action. Sutton believes a boss should have two things: competence and compassion. A good leader will have excellent performance, but also a stellar sense of humanity. If a leader isn't generous and fair, the company will fail.