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Anil Gupta Explores Problem Solving in Underdeveloped Communities

 - Feb 20, 2012
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Professor Anil Gupta discusses what he calls India's hotbed of innovation, stressing the tremendous knowledge and creativity found in the country's underdeveloped and impoverished communities.

The speaker states that though certain people may be economically poor, they do not posses marginal minds, but instead strive at problem solving and at innovation. On the search for genius from the third world, Gupta aims to reveal the talents of his people and to encourage praise for their knowledge, often unappreciated and exploited by them.

The speaker introduces the audience to the Honey Bee network, created to build lasting connections between people. This network ensures that great ideas are shared and that they are not made anonymous, but attributed for their concepts. These values are what Gupta calls an accountable, fair and and just.