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Beth Comstock Discusses the Power of Believing in Your Ideas

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: ge & youtube
In this brief speech from one of Nike's Board of Directors, Beth Comstock answers the question "If You Could Have One Business Superpower, What Would It Be?" She chooses the power to possess constant courage as an entrepreneur. She wishes that every innovator would become their own captain.

She goes on to explain that every innovator often won't know the answers and will be forced to takes risks. It takes courage to move forward with an idea that no one else believes in and also to ignore or let go of an idea you truly thought was forward-thinking. She ends by saying, "Do you have the courage to pick and support good ideas?"

Comstock's speech is enlightening and encouraging, motivating entrepreneurs to believe in their ideas and to be confident in their capacity to achieve their goals.