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Daniel Goleman's Compassion Speech is Inspiring and Insightful

 - Sep 11, 2012
References: danielgoleman.info & youtube
Daniel Goleman delivers a heartfelt compassion speech that reminds the audience to take the time to focus on the people around them. Goleman references a study on the good samaritan, and why some choose to help, while others pass people by. The result of the study proved that it was dependent upon how much of a rush someone was in and the lack of focus to their surroundings.

Goleman makes a very strong point when he says,"We don't take every opportunity to help because our focus is in the wrong direction." It is human nature to help, but because of all of the distractions with the modern age, this is starting to die out. Our focus needs to change from ourselves, to focusing more on other people.

This is especially important, as Goleman notes, in relationships. In order to gain or maintain a relationship, no person can be solely focused on themselves; they must be able to ask the other person "You" questions, stop daydreaming and peel themselves away from technology. This doesn't only apply to relationships however; there is a major difference that can be made in a stranger's life if you can focus and gain compassion.

His speech is compelling and inspirational, and is definitely a topic that is worth discussing.