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Cameron Herold's Recession Speech Gives Ten Tips to Use in Difficult Times

 - Apr 23, 2013
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This recession speech by Cameron Herold lays out ten useful tips to use during difficult economic times. They cover everything from simple, to counter-intuitive.

Among the counter-intuitive tips include increasing expenses and firing customers. By raising expenses in advertising and sales, you will be able to take advantage of companies in your industries that are holding back. When he brings up firing customers, he means the ones that are not helping profits or costing money. This will free up time to focus on your better customers.

Cameron's simple tips from his recession speech include staying positive and stay focused. Positivity attracts positivity, so by staying positive you will not only improve employee morale, but also attract customers. As for staying focused, rather than worrying about your company's future, Cameron says that you need to stay focused and set goals.