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Charlie Hoehn's Career Strategy Keynote Offers a Fresh Alternative

 - Jul 11, 2012
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Charlie Hoehn's career strategy keynote demonstrates how to become recession-proof and land a job you actually want after college or university. After discovering that the advice he had received his whole life was useless, he created his own rules for building a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Finding a recession-proof job means that the economy does not dictate your job, you will not be subject to "soul-sucking work" in your 20's and that you're working on projects you actually care about.

Hoehn offers a list of steps for rapidly advancing your dream career. The first is the need to stop acting entitled; too many students today leave university and college expecting their dream job with the impressive salary to fall from the sky into their laps. The next step focuses on choosing areas you'd actually like to work and then developing valuable and desirable skills to complement these areas. He then encourages the audience to be conscious of their online presence because employers will look them up on the Internet. Contacting people at a specific company will also demonstrate commitment and genuine interest.

Charlie Hoehn's career strategy keynote is refreshing, enlightening and presents an interesting alternative to the traditional, linear career models of the past.