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Jenny Blake's Career Model Keynote Introduces the Pyramid Concept

 - Jul 11, 2012
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Author and blogger Jenny Blake offers a new way to set goals and evaluate one's achievements in this career model keynote. The former over-achiever and Google employee describes the concept of the 'career ladder' as outdated and extremely stress-inducing for students and recent graduates. With the career ladder, you're either not moving up quickly enough or you're not moving up at all -- the concept is much too linear for the modern world.

Blake then proposes a new concept which she refers to as the career pyramid. The career pyramid enables individuals to build a strong foundation and move laterally, as opposed to exclusively up or down. It is a dynamic, fluid and non-linear concept that offers people the freedom to explore their options, experience a variety of positions and roles and ultimately discover their true passions. She explains that it is important for recent graduates and young adults to not rely on finding a job that fulfills them 100 percent straight out of school. Such experiences do not exist and it is imperative to take something from every work experience and to not be discouraged.