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Cathy Benko's Talent Innovation Keynote Emphasizes Agility and Engagement

 - Jul 11, 2012
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Deloitte LLP's Vice Chairman and Chief Talent Officer Cathy Benko discusses employee engagement and experience customization in this
talent innovation keynote.

According to Benko, careers and the talent experience within a corporation should be able to be customized the same way products and services can be customized in different industries. Customization provides a higher number of options, which in turn increases value. These options also provide agility. Benko believes the notion of a corporate ladder is evolving into a corporate lattice. Today, it's all about scaling agility and equipping employees with more versatile experiences and engagement in multiple areas.

Strong brand ambassadors emerge from high levels of engagement and diverse experiences. Benko's talent innovation keynote spotlights the value of versatility and agility in employees. an engaged staff will produce the best results in today's market.