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An Entrepreneurial Success Keynote by Steve Glenn

 - Jun 12, 2012
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This entrepreneurial success keynote from Steve Glenn, the President and founder of Executive Travel, discusses the ten most common mistakes entrepreneurs make throughout their careers. As a self-proclaimed 'serial entrepreneur,' Glenn explains how it's so important to be motivated by the hunt, excitement and challenge of entrepreneurship, as opposed to just the money. It should be about taking an idea and turning it into a successful and rewarding business.

Steve Glenn's entrepreneurial success keynote also recognizes the fact that the majority of entrepreneurs forget about the importance of investments and cash in the early stages of starting a business. If an entrepreneur runs out of money, the door to that business or idea must be closed.

Glenn goes on to discuss the importance of finance and numbers for entrepreneurs. While the journey itself is meant to be characterized by adaptability and risk-taking, it is still important to make as many calculated steps as possible.