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Jim Turely Delivers an Unconventional But Inspiring Grad Speech

 - Nov 21, 2012
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CEO and Chairman of Ernst & Young Jim Turely provides an inspiring grad speech for the students at the University of Maryland. He reviews the recent challenges endured by his company as well as by other financial institutions, and how this experience enabled him to build a stronger team and corporation.

Many perceive challenges in business as something to fear and to try to avoid, but Turley views them as an opportunity to make effective changes. Despite this, Ernst & Young did learn valuable lessons during the recession in 2008 of which he shares with the students. First, being arrogant in business will get you nowhere, and secondly, to keep an open mind about where to get information.

Too often, according to Turley, businesses turn inward during times of turbulence, worry about what it is they have to lose instead of what they have to gain. Turley's inspiring grad speech offers what is rather unconventional advice from the CEO of one of the world's largest financial institutions.