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Mandy Len Catron's Love Talk Debunks Romantic Stories Versus Reality

 - Aug 4, 2017
References: youtube & talksat.withgoogle
It doesn't take a Casanova to recognize that the societal conception of love stories is at a disconnect from the reality of love in most people's lives, and Mandy Len Catron's love talk exposes just how true that is. Love tends to be far more complicated than the cut and dry rom-coms and tear-jerkers make it out to be, though that isn't to say that it's indecipherable. In fact, Catron's latest book avers that people can fall in love with anyone so long as they're willing to try.

Catron's book, which is entitled 'How to Fall in Love with Anyone,' is a bit facetious, though it draws from her own experience. On a date, Catron and a man replicated a study conducted in the mid-90s that claimed to make two people fall in love. It consisted of a series of questions followed by four minutes of unbroken eye contact. Though it might sound absurd, the project worked. Not immediately, but months later the two went on more dates, and they're still together to this day.