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Tiq and Kim Katrin Milan's Talk on Queer Identity Targets Labels

 - Jan 6, 2017
References: ted & youtube
In their talk on queer identity, married couple Tiq and Kim Katrin Milan consider their individual journeys and how their wiliness to wholly accept each other has enabled them to build a truly powerful relationship.

They start out by considering what it's been like to be a part of the LQBTQ community, specifically targeting the judgments that are so often unfairly placed on the members that comprise it. Tiq continues to explain his experience as a transgender man, telling the TED audience that current society needs to make a conscious effort to move past the restrictive gender placements that can be incredibly damaging for some who are expected to adhere to them.

Kim Katrin, who explains that she's given her sexual orientation many names in the past, reveals how she and her partner met online. After having spoken for just a matter of days, the pair decided to get married so that they could move towards their shared vision of inclusivity together. With their talk on queer identity, Tiq and Kim Katrin Milan show that love shouldn't have to define itself within the bounds of limiting labels and that the LGBTQ community can't be defined by such labels either.