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Ash Beckham Discusses the Revealing Secrets in Her Coming Out Talk

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: ashbeckham & youtube
In her coming out talk, Ash Beckham discusses the difficulty in revealing a dark secret to others; whether it’s being gay, having a brain tumor, or having to declare bankruptcy. Beckham discusses the stress involved when someone is in a ‘closet’ and the importance of getting out of that closet and telling people the difficult truth, whatever it may be.

Ash Beckham’s coming out talk discusses how holding in such secrets is detrimental to people because it means they can be living with serious stress for years until they find the courage to tell people. She also emphasizes the need to prepare oneself for difficult responses to difficult revelations. She encourages people to be direct, real and unapologetic when revealing unconformable truths, and if people are disappointed, it is on them.