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Esther Perel Talks About How Infidelity Can Change Relationships

 - Jul 7, 2017
References: ted & youtube
The relationship therapist Esther Perel offers the audience at her TED Talk some hope for what many might think would be the end of some of their most important relationships: infidelity.

Perel begins by talking about how these days marriages are now defined by love rather than security, and that it is easier than ever to cheat on spouses and partners. Because of these components, there is even more betrayal involved in infidelity than there historically was. This, coupled with the fact that in the digital age there are countless "new" ways to commit infidelity, makes the subject of cheating a difficult one to tackle.

Esther Perel does offer a light at the end of the tunnel, however. She believes that while for some couples, cheating is the end of the road, for others it can function as a way to enhance and better their relationships. She says that in order to heal from infidelity, the perpetrators must admit responsibility, while those deceived must practice self worth. She claims that infidelity is a dual-sided action – there is hurt and betrayal on one side, but growth and self-discovery on the other.