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In Her Talk on Acceptance, Kennedy Blair Considers Her Own Community

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Kennedy Blair, an 11-year-old activist, considers the importance of embracing gender and sexual diversity in her talk on acceptance.

She starts out by talking about her older brother, who came out as gay when she was 8. As she's always loved her brother unconditionally, she found it very strange to see that some people had issues with his sexuality.

She continued to stand up for her brother, which was sometimes difficult as ignorant people would sometimes "blame" her family for his sexuality, would perpetuate stereotypes, or blatantly make fun of those who were seen as different. Through this, she learned of a few of the many issues that the LGBTQ community faces.

She explains in her talk on acceptance how these interactions and her love for her brother spurred her activist efforts, and how it's vital that people open their minds to those around them, and understand that not everyone is the same.