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Ashley Graham Outlines Her Own Battle in Her Talk on Body Acceptance

 - Jan 10, 2017
References: huffingtonpost & youtube
An effervescent model and activist who was first discovered in a Nebraska mall at the age of 12, Ashley Graham has faced a lot of push-back throughout her successful career.

In an industry where women are defined by their size, it took time for the powerful model to be confident with herself and every curve in her possession. To start out her talk on body acceptance, Ashley Graham stares at herself in a mirror, as she narrates her love for her individuality. She embraces her "back fat" and "thick thighs" and the cellulite she never plans on getting rid of.

She follows this by explaining the sensation of freedom she had when she finally accepted that she would never fall into society's narrow beauty ideals. In addition, she considers the problematic process of labeling women based off their size and how she dealt with being referred to as "the girl who was pretty for a big girl."

With her talk on body acceptance, Ashley Graham reveals the need for one to love themselves first and to not strive towards another's skewed perception of perfection. She says this all starts with a person claiming themselves as their role model and remembering that self-worth should always come from within.