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Kathy Cleveland Bull Discusses the Importance of Being Appreciative

 - Mar 11, 2012
References: ncompass-consulting & youtube
Kathy Cleveland Bull is a compelling and effective speaker, driving audiences to successful and satisfying business practices. She found her own consulting firm, N~Compass Consulting, which outlines the small action necessary in a professional environment. This compelling speech outlines the importance of gratitude in turbulent times.

While a business may be struggling, the challenge should be seen as an opportunity to innovate strategy and professional goals. She urges the audience to confront the "lack of lack" in present times, and dwell on the fortune we all hold. Modern communities are extremely fortunate, and go without experiencing unmet needs. Very few Americans go without food, shelter, education and other necessities. It is hugely important to reflect upon the luxuries of life that are so often taken advantage of, and appreciate the effortless comfort me experience.