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Scott Belsky Discusses the Need for Greater Creative Platforms

 - Mar 11, 2012
References: scottbelsky & youtube
Scott Belsky founded Behance network, a website catered to artists for hire. Through his position as the CEO of Behance, Blesky became an advocate for empowering creative professionals through technology and corporate leverage. His success in the digital world has allowed him an optimistic view on entrepreneurial endeavours, which he encourages his audiences to pursue.

Belsky has a fast-paced business sense, which is heightened by the concept of 'making things happen.' He believes there is an unmet need for businesses to leverage creative talent and develop more innovative work environments. His presentation tracks energy and excitement levels in a timeline in relation to new ideas in a visual element, allowing for astounding impact. He concludes that the problem of creativity does not lie in the idea, but the management of the team and maintaining inspiration.