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Kathy Cleveland Bull Shows How Our Wants Can Be Harmful

 - Feb 20, 2012
References: premierespeakers & youtube
Trainer and consultant Kathy Cleveland Bull explains her concept of the "Craving Train" and uses audience participation to create a physical example of a Craving Train in this humorous, entertaining and creative keynote.

According to Kathy, the Craving Train is the desire to want something so badly that the urge for it causes you to waste time thinking about how you are going to get it. For some people, this form of craving can be pain-causing additions such as alcoholism or drug abuse. Sex, overeating and overspending are also bad habits that can represent common problems of the Craving Train that we all must deal with on a regular basis. In this insightful keynote, Kathy Cleveland Bull teaches her audience how to recognize the negative aspects of craving so they can cope with them in the future.