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Alexa Von Tobe’s Financial Speech Teaches Us How to Plan for the Future

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: learnvest & youtube
Alexa Von Tobe’s financial speech teaches us the importance of saving our money and how it will positively empower one's future.

Von Tobe stresses that money is the number one thing young people stress about, and unfortunately, 61% of Americans are living pay cheque to pay cheque. There are five basic rules that most graduates fail to follow and as a result the nation has 2.5 trillion dollars in consumer debt. If we don’t educate the youth now, this domino effect will continue a downward financial spiral that will continue for generations. The five basic principles to follow are quite simply; have a budget and live beneath your means, be debt free, as debt is meant to defeat you, you must pay it down. Furthermore she teaches us to have an emergency savings account, negotiate a salary with your employer and start saving for retirement.

The more we put these simple tasks off the greater it will negatively effect our future. These basic financial principles will give one freedom from financial worries. It will also have an impact on America as a whole; because as she says, money isn’t about being rich, but about living your richest life.