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Annette Heuser's Rating Agencies Speech Takes on the Three Big Players

 - Mar 11, 2014
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Rating agency reformer Annette Heuser passionately discusses how the three biggest rating agencies have power over economies and countries in her powerful and alarming rating agencies speech.

In this educational talk, Heuser shares her vision for a nonprofit agency that would bring more equality and transparency to the mafia-like rating agency sector, which she believes literally needs a "complete overhaul."

With the market dominated by only three players, it is no surprise that there is no incentive for these agencies to change their ways because of the lack of competition. Explaining how rating agencies actually work and what they do exactly, this rating agencies keynotes is all about how to reform the old-school, non-transparent ways.

The focus of the speech is mostly on the dire circumstances of sovereign ratings, which not only affect countries but citizens as well; sovereign ratings can directly affects how much money will flow into important issues and sectors like roads, schools and health care.