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John Hagel's Power of Pull Presentation Looks at the Future of Business

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: johnhagel & youtube
With nearly 30 years of experience as a management consultant, John Hagel explores the shifting business landscape in his power of pull presentation.

Hagel begins by discussing two kinds of institutions: push institutions and pull institutions. All of our major institutions are considered push institutions: companies, government, NGOs, etc. However, the global proliferation of digital technology combined with the massive global liberalization of ideas, people, economy and products has put incredible pressure and strain on push institutions. Hagel believes that pull institutions are the only institutions that can succeed in our current global ecosystem. Pull institutions don't predict or forecast, instead they create scalable platforms and put the individual at the center of the institution.

At the end of his power of pull presentation, Hagel closes by mentioning how key passion is in a pull institution. Through passion we can sustain extreme performance improvements.