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This Esther Duflo Keynote Talks About Addressing the Contributing Factors

 - May 26, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Talking about poverty and the various ways that individuals address the issue, this Esther Duflo keynote argues that in order to properly deal with the larger problem of poverty we must look at the smaller, individual problems that contribute to it.

As a development economist Esther Duflo discusses the need to abandon the hope of eradicating poverty in one bold strike and to rather decompose the problem into smaller factors. Lack of education, lack of health, the inability to recognize oneself as an individual are all contributing factors to why certain areas are more poverty stricken than others.

When a larger problem is divided into smaller, more manageable components, people can determine how those problems interact with each other, how they can be addressed and how guiding policies can be created in order to affect the population on a large scale.