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This Daryl Collins Keynote Discusses Low Income Financial Activity

 - May 2, 2012
References: portfoliosofthepoor & youtube
Using research from her book 'Portfolios of the Poor' as its thesis, this Daryl Collins keynote debunks myths about people that live on $2 a day or less.

The author and director of the consulting firm Bankable Frontier Associates suggests that the poor face a 'triple whammy' when it comes to their financial health. These obstacles include possessing a low income, having irregular and unpredictable access to monetary resources and not having access to tools to better manage what little money they have.

Instead of assuming that the poor do not have an active financial lifestyle and that they do not understand how to manage money, the speaker suggests that they need access to tools that will help them manage money more effectively and even out their day-to-day income.