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Kyna Leski's Creative Process Keynote Explores Where Ideas Come from

 - Jun 14, 2012
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This thought-provoking creative process keynote by Kyna Leski explores the way that the mind comes to create artistic work and how this process operates.

While many theories exist surrounding the root of creativity and what it is that leads artists and designers to create something extraordinary from nothing, the speaker approaches the subject from a somewhat different viewpoint than others have before.

She believes that artistic drive is directly linked to intelligence and that the things people create and the manner by which they create them is shaped by the things they have learned.

Artistic sensibility is a major component in this creative process keynote speech and Leski notes that an artist will create something based on the way that he or see views their surroundings. The artistic process is molded by the physical process of gathering information and one's understanding of the world that they live in.