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Orlagh O’Brien Discusses New Surveys in this Illustration Emotions Ke

 - May 25, 2012
References: poptech.org & youtube
Design educator Orlagh O’Brien talks about her project ‘Emotionally Vague’ in this illustrating emotions keynote. From LEGO to graphic designs, O’Brien has always been interested at looking at basic design elements in a different way. The artist’s work is directed towards creating meaning out of seemingly abstract qualities and items.

While certain objects may not possess any emotional value to an individual, other people may have a completely different approach to that same item. While it isn’t always clear how certain things should be interpreted, what is evident is that no matter what something is it does incite some sort of impression from someone.

In Emotionally Vague O’Brien asked people to draw out how they feel in response to certain subjects or objects. By outsourcing public opinion through a visual form, people are articulating an impression about something in a way that diverges from the generic opinion poll.