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This Creative Global Development Keynote from Heather Fleming is Inspirational

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: catapultdesign.org & poptech.org
This creative global development keynote by Heather Fleming explains that there are a significant number of engineers and designers who are interested in becoming involved in humanitarian initiatives but have yet to find a space in which to do so.

The speaker's company, Catapult Design, is seeking to bridge this gap and she discusses how design can be used to bring life-altering product developments to users in developing countries. By bringing these individuals into the non-profit sector in a directory-style format, companies who are in need of design services can hire them for a contract length basis even if they do not have the resources to work with them full-time.

The main takeaway from this creative global development keynote is that a service that connects creative people on a project-specific basis can be a beneficial and cost-effective way for non-profit companies and designers to make a difference in the world despite having limited budgets.