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This Tom Darden Keynote Talks about the Make It Right Foundation

 - May 25, 2012
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Speaking about the Make It Right Foundation, the architectural company initiated by Brad Pitt, this Tom Darden keynote discusses how the refusal to compromise in regards to architectural stability and affordability has presented opportunities to improvise and create pioneering designs for sustainable housing.

Make It Right designs houses for the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, an area that was heavily devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The designs for the houses address the issues that impact the residents of that neighborhood and are built to be affordable and sustainable. Structures like elevated housing and houses designed to float in the event of a flood are some of the few ideas to come out of a dedicated approach towards ethical architecture.

Tom Darden concludes his keynote by discussing the company's onus on improving on what they've learned. Crowd-sourcing for inspiration and going online for collaborative discussions are just some of the ways that Make It Right continues to provide sustainable and affordable housing.