Yung Cheng Lin Captures Provocatively Surreal and Unusual Images

 - May 13, 2014
References: flickr & beautifuldecay
There are a few objects that are often associated with the idea of sex, bananas are one of them and the naked female form is another; Yung Cheng Lin photographs both, as well as other props, to reclaim erotic situations. Although a person cannot help but view the images as provocative, they are also odd and surreal, which will make the viewer feel uncomfortable for other reasons.

Based in Tainan, Taiwan, Yung Cheng Lin incorporates sexual tension by way of a carton of milk ejaculating into the ear of a faceless woman and a banana held between another's thighs. Yet more often than not Yung Cheng Lin's images defy objectification and veer into abstraction. Beautiful Decay writes, "Amidst Lin’s exploration of sexuality is a growing sense of anxiety that may be read perhaps a fear of female sexual power."