Yunfeng Lu and Cheng Ji May Have Created Ultimate Hangover Cure

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: io9 & dvice
UCLA bimolecular engineer Yunfeng Lu and Cheng Ji, a USC biochemist, have developed a way to sober up instantly after a night bingeing on alcohol, or perhaps just having one glass too many. Taking the form of a nanocapsule, the anti-alcohol pill ensures that a night out on the town doesn't end in tragedy either from terrible accidents or word vomit, or just plain vomit.

Yunfeng Lu and Cheng Ji, alongside a team of scientists, have created biomimetic enzyme nanocomplexes, which mirror the body's way of processing alcohol. Of course, these complexes expedite the process significantly. As reported by Dvice, these anti-alcohol pills can be used as "antidotes and preventive measure for alcohol intoxication" once taken out of the lab and into the real world.