Force Your Google+ Friends to Watch Videos With YouTube Hangouts

 - Aug 21, 2011
References: & gizmodo
Considering the 2006 acquisition of YouTube by Google, it should be no surprise that the virtual content company is expanding its social networking wings with YouTube Hangouts, a service that lets users rope their Google+ friends into watching that viral video they were talking about.

Now that Google has included a unified login port for all its services, launching and using YouTube Hangouts is incredibly easy. Just log into your Gmail/YouTube/G+ account and click on a video. After clicking the "share" button, you'll be invited to launch a hangout session and asked to wait until your friends show up.

Although Google has made previous programming attempts at amalgamating their social video and social network websites, this is easily the most intuitive and free of hassle. I look forward to showing all my pals my eighth grade skateboarding footage!